Did you ever wonder what has happened to the innocence, the moral character and the just plain "good folks attitude" of small town America? Could it be the hurried pace that so occupies the lives of most people or the competitive nature of the current life styles at home and work or is it just lack of ones respect for his/her fellow man? Whatever the reason, I miss those days when a handshake or a person's word meant as much as a signature with two witnesses and a Notary on a piece of paper.

The title refers to the ethics in a small town but in fact was the case in the entire country. The drive for success has dulled the moral character of many people to the point where anything goes, regardless of who may be crushed along the way.

The influences that played the greatest part in forming my own attitudes and beliefs were those attitudes and beliefs of my Christian parents. To a lesser but yet important extent were those influences of school teachers and acquaintances. What you become is the sum total of all your experiences and exposures in life up to that point. These include experiences both good as well as bad.

The End.