Descendants of Mathew Battle

Jerry W. Battle, Sr.

Beginning with the family's move from Virginia to North Carolina, the information below deals primarily with those who settled in Sumter County (Ellaville, area changed to Schley County) Georgia. Please drop us an email to let us know you were here.

The Annual Battle/Battles Reunion is usually held in Dothan, Alabama on the first Sunday in June. for more information please call Bill Breason at 334-685-1568.

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The origin of the name, BATTLE, is not definitely known. Early records could possibly show a Norse origin which migrated into Northern England and also into France. Various spellings of the name existed before 1066 when our ancestral line of the Battle family moved into England from Normandy. Such spellings were De Bello, De Botteville, De Boutteville, De Betuile, and others. These were used in Normandy. After the conquest of England by William the Conqueror in 1066, such spellings as the following were found in England: Battaile, Battel, Battelle, Batle, Bataile, Battle, Battles, Batles, Battayll, Battile, and others. Historical evidence shows that possibly the name existed in England before the Battle of Stamford Bridge and certainly in Normandy before the Battle of Hastings in 1066. Records in England show a village located in Lincolnshire called Battle Flats. Battle, a town in Essex, was named after the Battle of Hastings which was fought nearby. Battle Abbey, an ancestral family estate, was erected after the conquest by William 1. In England, the family from Normandy first went to Bedford and Somerset and then settled in Essex County. There are so many branches of this honorable family regardless of its origin. Whatever, the origin, the American branch of Battle preserved the English coat-of-arms. "Justus et tenacem"(Just and tenacious) was indeed a good family motto. For generations the BATTLE family in England possessed Bataylee Hall, Ongar Castle, in Essex County.


The line of descent from Walter De Botteville of Normandy to MATHEW BATTLE who came in 1647 Lle from England to Virginia:

1. Walter De Botteville
2. S-ir Humphrey De Battell
3. Thomas De Battaile
4. Sir Richard De Battell
S. Robert Battell
6. Sir Edmund Battell
7. Sir Jeffery Battell
8. Sir William Battell
9. Sir John Battell
10. Sir John Battell
11. Sir Thomas Battell
12. John Battle
13. John Battaile
14. Richard Battaile
15. Wylllm Battell
16. William Battel
Valognes, Normandy, France
September 1066
Walter De Betuile sailed across the English Channel in heavy winds with William, Duke of Normandy .... landed at Prevense near Hastings preparing for the conquest of England. Walter was from a very prominent family in Normandy. The family residence was at Bouteville in Canton of St. Mere Englise, Arrondisement de Valognes. Familt members were benefactors of the Abbey St. Sauveur. The family held a fiefdom and Walter was supposedly a knight under William the Conqueror, later William I.

Hastings, Sussex County, England
Early Morning
October 14, 1066
Among the warriors who answered the roll call for battle against King Harold II was:

Senlac Hill
Near Hastings, England
October 14, 1066
The battle between Harold II, the King of England and William, Duke of Normandy, began at 9:00 in the morning and lasted until 6:00. William was the victor when Harold was killed in battle.
Many of the men who fought with William were rewarded with lands and titles in England. This Battle of Hastings is considered by some historians as being one of the top fifteen battles which have shaped the history of the world.

Essex Co., England
Sir Richard Battell held the manor of Bataylee Hall. He was greatgrandson of the Norman warrior.

Essex Co., England
Sir-Thomas Battell and his wife, Aliamore, daughter of Thomas Ondeby, possessed Manor of Ongar Park. (he was llth generation of Battles in England)

Essex Co.,England
Manor of Ongar Park
Possession passed to John Battaile

Essex Co., England
April 2, 1539
Richard Battaile, whose wife was named Elizabeth, signed his will.

Maidstone, England
October 25, 1551
Wylllm Battell and Cateryn Heman were married at the All Saints Parish church.

London, England
June 16, 1601
A marriage license was granted to William Battell and Margaret Dukes of Essex.

Essex County, England
Early 1600's
Three known sons were born to William Battell and Margaret Dukes:
(1) Mathew - immigrant to Virginia in 1647
(2) John - Immigrant to Virginia in 1654.(John married Mary Rame July 30, 1638; his second wife, Elizabeth came with him to America in 1654).
(3) Richard - married in England to Katherine Cossins on November 17, 1637.

James City, Virginia
Mathew Battle arrived from England. Filby's Ship Passenger Lists:
Mathew Battle, no age, Virginia in 1647
Passage was paid for by William Egberows of the James City Company.

Surry County, Virginia

Land Map - Along the James River

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Surry County, Virginia
March 21, 1653
Mathew Battle bought land. (No doubt after 5 years service to the James City Company for passage).

Surry County, Virginia
Mathew Battle died. Wife, Anne _______Brother, John. Father of three known sons:
***(l) John - born ca 1660
     (2) Thomas - born ca 1665 and had wife, Mary
     (3) William - born ca 1667 and died young.

Surry County, Virginia
February 6, 1681
John Battle received possession of his father's estate from Benjamin Harrison.

Surry County, Virginia
July 1, 1684
John Battle married Margaret, daughter of James and Anne Sowersby.

Surry County, Virginia
John Battle died. He and Margaret had four known children:
       (1) Elizabeth - in father's will
       (2) Faith - Adm. of father's will
       (3) Charles, died 1777, wife,Mary
***(4) John - born 1690

Edgecombe County, N.C.
John Battle died. Wife, Mary Warden, dau. of Amy Warden, She had died in 1754.
Known children:
       (1) Thomas, 1721-1769, wife was Mary, dau. of Thomas Capell
       (2) Sarah
***(3) William, 1728-1785, wife was Mary, dau. of John Capell
       (4) John, died 1776, wife was Sarah, dau. of Thomas Capell
       (5) Amy, born 1740, married a Mr. Bell.
       (6) James

Nash County, N.C.
William Battle died. He was born in Virginia in 1728. Moved later to Edgecombe Co., N.C.; moved to Northampton Co., N.C. in 1740 where he served in the Colonial Militia in 1748; moved to Nash Co., N.C. where he died. Inventory of his estate was ordered Aug.9,1785, sale of estate was Oct.3 1,1785 and the estate settled in May term of the court 1786. He and his wife, Mary, had three sons:
        (1) William, 1758-1802, married Mary Ann Williams, dau. of Major John Williams and Frances Bustin Slatter.
       (2) James, 1760-1803, married lst Martha Arrington, dau. of Arthur Arrington and Mary Sanderford. He married 2nd,Aug.2,1795, Abia Whitehead.
***(3) John, 1762-1803, married Rhoda Ricks, dau. of James Ricks and Mary Crudup.

Warren County, Georgia
John Battle died. He was born 1762 in Northampton Co., N.C. and had moved with his family to Nash Co., N.C. He married in N.C. and brought his family to Warren County ca 1790. He and Rhoda Ricks were married December 24, 1788. Rhoda died in Warren County, Ga. in 1821.
John Battle and Rhoda Ricks had the following children:
***(.1) John Randolph, 1789-pl850, Married lst Jane Allen, and 2nd
Lettie. (Some evidence points to the fact that she was Lettie Ellington).
(2) Dorothy (Dollie)
(3) Mary (Pollie)
(4) John Hartwell, 1796-1878, wife, Polly Bailey.
(5) Thomas, born 1798, died young.
(6) William, 1801-1871, wife, Rebecca Allen.
(7) Joseph Joel, born 1803

Warren County,.Gtorgia
February 24, 1814
John Randolph Battle and Jane Allen were married.

Warren County, Georgia
Jane Allen Battle died. She was buried at Barnett, Ga. in the cemetery near the railroad where the Methodist Church is today. This area is in present-day
Taliaferro County. Jane had three children:
(1) Henry died in infancy
(2) Mary died in infancy

Sumter County, Georgia
CULLEN LAZARUS BATTLE, age 17, moved with his family from Warren County to Sumter County. After his mother's death, he spent much of his young years with her family, the Allens. But, now a young man, he came to Sumter County with his father and step-mother, and their children. After his mother died, his father married Lettie Stroder and they had the following children:
John Randolph 1822, Ellington 1824,
Elizabeth 1824, Hartwell 1826,
Stephen 1829, Reubin 1833, and
Sarah 1835.

Point Horn, Georgia
December 31, 1840 41 Cullen Lazarus Battle married
Mary Elizabeth Countryman.
She was the daughter of John Countryman and Mary Kirk. They were natives of the York and Lancaster area of South Carolina. Mary's father was Mathew Kirk, the son of James Kirk. James Kirk was a Revolutionary Patriot who served on the Committee of Correspondence with George Washington. John Countryman's father was also named John and he served in the Revolution from York County, SC. His ancestors came from Germany and first went to New York, then to Pennsylvania, before coming to South Carolina.John and Mary Countryman came to the Ebenezer section of Schley County in 1834. They are both buried in the Ebenezer Cemetery.
John Countryman 1785-1856
Mary Kirk 1788-1852


Ellaville, Georgia
February 23, 1908
Cullen Lazarus Battle died.
He was buried besides his wife in the Ellaville Cemetery. She had died in 1899.
Judge Battle, as he was called, and his wife (her family called her Betsy) had lived their younger days in the Ebenezer community. Later they moved to Ellaville and the Judge led a very active life with many activities in civic, church, political and social life of the community.
Judge of the Inferior Court
Board of Commissioners
Board of Education
The old Battle home in the Ebenezer community is still standing, though it has been uninhabitable for years. The artist's drawing of this house was taken from a photograph made in 1982 and shows only the original portion of the house consisting of four rooms.


The Descendants of Mathew Battle
England to Virginia 1647
A Collection of Family Records
Genealogical and Historical
Compiler & Editor
Lynwood Deal Jordan, Sr.
Woodruff, South Carolina
Data Coordinator
Opal Battle Smith
Conroe, Texas
Published for the
Descendants of Mathew Battle by
The Reprint Company, Publishers
Spartanburg, South Carolina
ISBN 0-87152-459-7
Library of Congress Catalog Card Number 92-31929
Also available at Amazon Books - click Amazon Books and enter "Mathew Battle" (including quotation marks)

Our Battle line from Mathew Battle

Mathew Battle m. Anne ?
 John Battle m. Margaret Sowersby
  John Battle m. Mary Warden
   Thomas Battle m. Mary Capell
    John Battle m. Rhoda Ricks
     John Randloph Battle m. Jane Allen
      Cullen Lazarus Battle m. Elizabeth Countryman
       John Randolph Battle m. Edna Lucinda Ross
        Robert Eugene Battle m. Annie Hardee Lumpkin
         Cullen Lumpkin Battle m. Carrie Frances Nowell
          Jerry W. Battle, Sr. m. 1st Martha Johnson - 2nd Juanita (Nita) Felder
              Terri Battle
              Jerry W. Battle, Jr. (JJ) m. Melissa Cox
                    Chelsie Battle
            Jerry W. Battle, III (TJ)
                    Brianna Battle


Cullen Lazarus Battle b:October 16, 1817 Warren County, GA
Mary Elizabeth Countryman b:May 17, 1822 Lancaster District, SC

The image above was taken from a 16" x 20" framed original in my possession.


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John Randolph Battle b Feb 25, 1848 Sumter County GA and
Edna Lucina Ross Battle b Nov 30, 1855 in Crawford County GA
Parents of Robert Eugene Battle

ednarossbattle.jpg (74211 bytes)

Edna Lucina Ross Battle

johnadolphusbattle.jpg (77658 bytes)

John Adolphus Battle
Brother of Robert Eugene Battle
b Aug 8, 1878 Schley County Ga
md Jan 6, 1909 Katharine Louise Smith b Mar 8, 1879 Talbott County GA

Robert Eugene Battle Family (1940s)

kneeling: Edna Kate Battle, standing l to R: Cullen Lumpkin Battle, Mamie Lee Battle, Henry Ulric Battle, Robert Eugene Battle, Annie Hardy Lumpkin Battle, James Edwin Battle, Annie Lottie Battle, John Robert Battle


rebattle.jpg (16555 bytes)                         rebattle2.jpg (104875 bytes)

Robert Eugene Battle b:June 28, 1874
Son of John Randolph Battle and
Edna Lucinda Ross

Despite the fact that he had lost his left arm just above the elbow during his teenage years he was elected Sheriff of Schley County, Georgia at the age of 40 and served in that capacity from 1915 - 1928. His first term as Sheriff followed the terms of his father-in-law W. W. Lumpkin who served 1905 - 1914.


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Robert Eugene Battle b:June 28, 1874
Annie Hardy Lumpkin Battle b: May 17,1887

Link to a story about my grandfather "Mr. Bob" as he was called.


My Parents Cullen Lumpkin Battle and Carrie Frances Nowell Battle


Edna Battle Hearon & Annie Battle Lee on the occasion of Annie's birthday reception in Ellaville December 31, 2005.


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Randolph Cyrus Pope Battle
Brother of Robert Eugene Battle
b Nov 10, 1885 Schley County GA
md Jan 15, 1929 Martha Kate Smith b Jul 15, 1893 Talbotton, GA

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